CDM Regulations 2015

(CDM – Construction Design and Management)

We have experience of being Principal Contractor under larger commercial type contracts. The regulations actually apply to all contracts but where required, (due to project size / duration / man hours / work type) a notification via a F10 to the HSE will be necessary.

These Regulations now also apply to domestic works .

Generally, the notification to the HSE is required  relating to any works in the following circumstances :

If work is scheduled to:

  • Last longer than 30 working days and to have more than 20 workers working simultaneously at any point in the project
  • OR exceeds 500 person days  (ie a week for one person will equal 5 person days)
Such notifiable contracts are thus reasonably large for typical domestic works.
The former CDM-Coordinator role has been replaced by Principal Designer or Principal Contractor. 
The new CDM Regulations impose duties on domestic clients as well as commercial clients, although domestic client duties will normally be transferred to the principal contractor/contractor, or, if the client wishes, to the principal designer. 
We can advise further on a specific project.  
Please find a link to HM Government CDM guidance :